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Smithco Manufacturing was founded in 1989 to supply specialized air circulation propeller fans for lumber drying kilns and drying sheds. Many features make Smithco the best choice for rugged industrial reversing applications.

  • Superior Quality Propellers

    They are made of stress relieved, heat-treated, high grade permanent mold cast aluminum alloy for trouble free service in rugged kiln environments to 350°F (175°C). Our propellers have tested reversibility with full flow in both directions. All Smithco propellers have adjustable pitch blades, keyed taper lock bushings and stainless steel hardware. The blade pitch is easily set using the Smithco Degree Gauge.

  • Many Models To Choose From

    Smithco manufactures

  • Smithco Degree Gauge

    The unique Smithco Degree Gauge, as shown below, makes setting the blade pitch fast, easy and accurate. Select your desired blade angle on the gauge. Slide it into the special index hole in the blade and rotate the blade until it stops. That's all you do and you can be sure all the blades have the same angle setting. The hinged clamp on the SMI-DG-H model allows setting the blade pitch angle of a propeller assembled on a motor shaft.

  • Engineering Support For Your Applications

    Smithco's experienced Engineering staff provides fast and complete technical support for our customers. Smithco is dedicated to serving the wood drying industry. Our fan performance data is based on tests conducted in an AMCA registered laboratory with the propeller mounted in a typical dry kiln shroud and panel arrangement without inlet or outlet ducts. Our computerized data system means you get fast and accurate information for your specific application.

  • Large Inventory And Fast On Time Delivery

    Smithco's warehouse is stocked with propellers ready for immediate delivery. Replacement propellers and parts are usually shipped the same day the order is placed. Quantities for multiple kilns are usually shipped within 4 weeks or sooner.

  • Excellent Value

    Smithco propellers are operating throughout the world. Most of our present customers are wood dryers who know the excellent value they get with Smithco. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer we only sell to qualified machinery manufacturers and kiln service companies. Your company can purchase Smithco propellers from most kiln manufacturers and kiln service companies. Contact Smithco for a supplier near you and for technical and performance information.

    typical packaging SMI-DG Degree Gauge
    Typical Packaging
    SMI-DG Degree Gauge.

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